UOregon app now in Android Market

Owners of Android devices can now join the thousands of iPhone users who take advantage of UOregon, the University of Oregon’s official mobile application.

Released this week in the Android Market, the Android version of UOregon boasts all of the same functionality as the award-winning iOS application.

UOregon guides users around campus on five tours, maps the precise locations of books in the state’s largest library and serves up the latest university news and features. In addition, the app maps to any room on campus. It will even provide a walking route between points.
The tours, added last fall to UOregon, showcase the 295-acre campus in various lights. The app walks users through stops on the standard campus tour, as well as others showcasing campus trees, sustainability features, artwork, and historic buildings.
If you’re not on campus, you can still experience the UO in time and space by investigating individual tour stops on the campus map, some of which even include video descriptions (samples below).

Christine Thompson, an associate in Campus Planning and Real Estate, spearheaded an effort to fund the tours with a grant from the UO’s Finance and Administration division.

“We wanted to convey the beauty of campus in an innovative way to audiences around the world,” says Thompson. "We have a treasure trove of information about our special places, trees and sustainable features. I really hope we can build on our success in the app."
The same team of students, staff, and faculty in the Geography Department's InfoGraphics Lab who produced the award-winning iOS version also completed the Android version, in collaboration with UO Web Communications.
Since its release in the summer of 2010, UOregon has been downloaded more than 70,000 times (including updates) and maintains a four-star rating in Apple’s App Store.

“We're optimistic Android users will use our app at the same rate as the iPhone user community,” says Ken Kato, who heads the lab's mobile efforts.
The mapping innovations showcased in UOregon earned the InfoGraphics Lab a number of major accolades, including Best Mobile App and Special Achievement in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from Esri, the maker of widely used GIS software.
Faculty, staff and students in the InfoGraphics Lab consistently push the limits of mobile mapping technology. With UOregon, the team maps the interior of Knight Library.
“Interior mapping is the holy grail right now,” says Kato. “It’s where everybody wants to be. We can deliver room-level mobile mapping and location services for any building on campus with the data already in our system. Where we go from here — and where students can go with us — is pretty exciting."