UO Knows: Favorite place to watch a Duck game (aside from Autzen!)

Everyone knows the best place to watch an Oregon football game is at Autzen Stadium. But what about when the Ducks are on the road and you’re stuck at home?

We posed this question to our Facebook followers last summer, and got an amazing array of responses.

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A number of people mentioned their favorite watering holes, including the Cooler.

“Great atmosphere, good food!” wrote Brandon Turner.

Sean Larson’s favorite spot is Tracktown Pizza.

“Me and my buddies watched the Arizona game there in 2009 and the place was electric! When we won people were up on tables yelling and giving high fives and hugs all around,” he wrote.

Other people described watching the Ducks from far-flung locales.

“Any place I can catch a game while deployed in Afghanistan!” wrote Kerstin Pieren.

“Beachside in So Cal,” wrote Brad Bochesa.

“Kraven’s Sports Bar in Wilsonville, with friends in Reno, or … wait for it … the Rose Bowl,” wrote Michael Treadaway.

“At Husky Stadium to enjoy their fans’ salty tears of despair after destroying them,” wrote Scott Roake.

“In the heart of Broncoville (Ontario, Ore.), all ducked out in green and yellow — wait, that’s every day,” wrote Kevin Watt.

“Anywhere in Corvallis,” wrote Julianne Stevens. “It’s fabulous to watch a poor Beaver fan’s face as the Duscks roll over any opponent.”

“Going to Strawberry Canyon or Palo Alto is always a great trip and great places to watch the Ducks,” wrote Mark Adams.

“My dorm room! Because I got to a school in Michigan and I always root for the Ducks when everyone else is going for U of M,” wrote Johnathan Davis.

“Watching the national championship game on the 22nd floor of our hotel in Hawaii overlooking Waikiki Beach was pretty pristine, but nothing beats Autzen!” wrote John Hinderman II.

But many people said they enjoy watching the game from the comfort of home with family and friends.

“Uncle’s house, 50-inch TV and some hardcore fans,” wrote Greg Armstrong. “Makes it so much better.”

“Before we had season tickets, the best place to watch was with my grandmother,” wrote Kevin Landers. “We listened in her living room to the radio and were glued to every word as Oregon tried its best to put together a winning season.”

Trevor Simmons said he likes to watch at “home with my Dad on the 72-inch.”

“I love that school and hope I can go some day,” he wrote.

“If I can’t be at the away game, I would be watching in the man cave with friends and family, all screaming at the TV,” wrote Steve Schneiderman.

“At home with my Dad, a dedicated Ducks fan,” wrote Emmily Greb. “It’s something we have always enjoyed doing together. There’s nothing like fist-bumping after every good play, complaining about the refs, and celebrating an Oregon win with him!”