UO freshman profile: Tanya Barraza

High school and hometown: I attended Marshall Fundamental High School in Pasadena, California. 

My academic interests include: Human Physiology. I'm interested in becoming  a sports physician.

What I like to do for fun: I love to be outdoors. Whether I'm hiking, running, playing sports, or walking my dogs, I'm having a great time!

People might be surprised to know: I'm not only a twin but, I also have more than 100 cousins.

I chose Oregon because: The amount of opportunity. Here at Oregon I have unlimited options when it comes to sports and health. I also can take pride in calling Oregon my home away from home.

My favorite band/artist is: It's impossible to choose an all-time favorite, but right now I must say Beyoncé. I've always loved her captivating and empowering music!

Phone or Android: I finally upgraded from a basic phone to a smart phone this summer and I love my iPhone!

Scholarships I've received include:  Diversity Excellence Scholarship.

When I think of Oregon, I think of: My favorite color, green, and my favorite sport, football. Go Ducks!

The thing about college I'm most looking forward to is: Football season and all the game days! However, on a more serious note, I'm very excited about meeting new people and gaining new experiences all while becoming an independent young woman.

The one personal item I must bring to college is:  A photo album of me and my twin sister. We've never been apart for this long before!

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