UO freshman profile: Savannah Tran

High School and home town: Liberty High School, Hillsboro, Ore. 

Academic Interests: I enjoy learning about how things work, whether it is in nature or the human body.

What I enjoy doing for fun: Being with friends, going to the mall, dancing, playing tennis, spending time with family

People might be surprised to know: I am afraid of most animals (cats, spiders, flies, bees, rats, snakes, seagulls, worms, ants, etc.)

I chose Oregon because: It's far enough from home that I can learn to be independent without being too far away that I can't come home whenever I miss being with my family.

My favorite band is: N'SYNC, their songs had so much meaning. And they were cute. I love going back and listening to their albums.

iPhone or Android: Android all the way. It's more customizable and is just as easy to use as an iPhone.

Scholarships I've received include: Summit Scholarship, Mary Corrigan and Richard Solari Scholarship, DDCA Academic Scholarship, Flo Rhea Health Careers Endowment Scholarship

When I think of Oregon, I think of: Rain for sure. Bi-polar weather. Cold and wet beaches. Also lots of green trees and fresh air.

The thing about college I'm most looking forward to is: Meeting new people from around the world. Also getting involved with the school, I am really interested in trying out for the Jam Squad at the U of O.

The one personal item I must bring to college is: The photobooth pictures that I took with my younger brother at my cousin's birthday party. Because I will be going away to college, I will be missing four years of his childhood so anything that has to do with him holds lots of meaning to me. 

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