UO Freshman profile: Emanuel Purice

High school and home town: Centennial High School, Gresham, Ore. 

My academic interests include: Business, specifically around marketing.

What I like to do for fun:  I'm always down to go eat somewhere new or make something at home.  In order to compensate for all this eating, I like staying active.  I go to the gym about 4-5 times a week and I like to go hiking and play sports with my friends.  I also really enjoy traveling and I love watching "Breaking Bad."

People might be surprised to know: When I was born in the city of Timisoara, Romania, I broke the city record for fattest baby. I weighed in at over 13 pounds.  You could say I've been doing it big since I was little. 

I chose Oregon because: There's no place that's better.  Eugene and the campus itself is a pretty awesome community that I'm proud to join. In addition, U of O was the best school that fit my academic interests.  

My favorite band is: Hmm, I don't really listen to bands.  I like Coldplay, but my music interests revolve more around hip hop.  

iPhone or Android: Of course iPhone.  

Scholarships I've received include:  Diversity Excellence ScholarshipPathway Oregon, and Dale Krueger scholarship.  

When I think of Oregon, I think of: The experiences ahead of me and all the hard work I have to commit to in order for me to be able to push myself and succeed after college.

The thing about college I'm most looking forward to is: Just doing great and succeeding.  I want to accomplish all my goals and leave college moving on to bigger and better things.

The one personal item I must bring to college is: My Macbook.  It's not really a personal item, but I definitely got to have a lot of food with me.  

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