UO freshman profile: Abel Cerros

High School and hometown: North Side High School, Fort Worth, Texas.

My academic interests include: Green Chemistry. I am extremely excited to be a part of the Community for Ecological Leaders program.

What I like to do for fun: I love to run, ride my bike, go hiking, and spend time with my friends. I also tend to spend time on YouTube.

People might be surprised to know:  I organized a fundraiser for elementary students to visit Tandy Hills Park in order to learn more about nature and their environment.

I chose Oregon because: Of a combination of factors. Like many runners, I looked up to Steve Prefontaine, and he was how I first found out about the university.  I was able to visit the university in January and I fell in love with it. I learned about the academic programs as well as the sports and social opportunities. I also admire how the university is environmentally conscious.

My favorite band is: If I had to choose one band, it would be The Beatles. I also love listening to doo-wop and Motown artists, as well as classic rock.

iPhone or Android: I love my iPhone.

Scholarships I've received include: Diversity Excellence ScholarshipSummit Scholarship, North Texas Chapter of the Conference of Minority Public Administrators Scholarship, Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Scholarship, Davidson Foundation Scholarship, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Fort Worth Board & Staff Scholarship, Dan & Dottie McDonald Scholarship, Red Cross Scholarship, Mexican American College Education Fund Scholarship, Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority Scholarship, North Side High School Scholarship.

When I think of Oregon, I think of:  A new chapter in my life.  I also think of how similar my situation is to my parents nearly two decades ago. They had to leave their family and everything they knew in Mexico in order to try to be successful and live a better life. Now it is my turn to leave and make something of myself.

The thing about college that I'm most looking forward to is: I am looking forward to what I will learn and how I can apply it. I can't wait to experience a different culture. I'm also looking forward to meeting new people, socializing, and enjoying the college experience.

The one personal item I must bring to college is:  For graduation, my parents gave me a unique picture frame with a picture of us. I am definitely bringing it to college.

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