UO freshman profile: Abby Gray

High school and home town: Lake Oswego High School, Lake Oswego, Ore.

My academic interests include: Sports Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations.

What I like to do for fun: I like to go wake surfing and boating, go to the beach and be outdoors, play volleyball, watch movies, and hang with friends and family.

People might be surprised to know: I have never broken a bone

I chose Oregon because: it is close to home, and the sports, academics, and feel to the school are all awesome 

My favorite band is: Coldplay

iPhone or Android: iPhone

Scholarships I’ve received include: University of Oregon Apex Scholarship, Mary Corrigan and Richard Solari Scholarship, and 2013 Chris Ryder Memorial Leadership Scholarship

When I think of Oregon, I think of: sports, a great community, beautiful campus, and ducks!

The thing about college I’m most looking forward to is: the sporting events, meeting new people, and figuring out what I want to do in the future.

The one personal item I must bring to college is: my stuffed animal of a caterpillar named “Snakey” that I have had since the day I was born.

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