Tyree Harris, former Emerald editor, talks about his time at Oregon

Third in a series of profiles of Oregon students who will be graduating in June. 

NAME: Tyree Harris

HOMETOWN: Portland

MAJOR: Journalism

CAREER INTERESTS: Advertising, blogging, journalism and marketing

THE FACULTY MEMBER WHO MADE THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE IN MY TIME AT THE UO IS: Deb Morrison, who taught me that it was OK to set a value to my work and the effort I've put into developing my skills.
WHAT I DO FOR FUN:  I mostly play video games, work on music and randomly rant about social issues for fun.

WHAT I’VE LEARNED: The thing I learned most in college was how important it is to understand yourself and your weaknesses. College teaches you a lot about who you are, but it also tells you who you are not and who you can't be. That knowledge has allowed me to be more efficient, and to be smarter about what roles and challenges I want to take on.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT OREGON: The thing I appreciated most about the University of Oregon was finding a rich community of loving people to guide me through these crazy five years of my life.

NOTABLE: Harris was editor-in-chief of the Oregon Daily Emerald in 2011-12, becoming the first black editor in the Emerald's 100-plus year history. He also spoke in February at TedXUOregon on "How Surging Tuition Costs Kill Diversity."

Tim Christie