A sneak peek at Matthew Knight Arena

Matthew Knight Arena has its grand opening Thursday when the Oregon men basketball team takes on the USC Trojans, replacing 84-year-old McArthur Court.

Seating capacity: 12,364 for basketball (vs. 9,087 for Mac Court); center stage concerts seat 12,784; end-stage concerts seat 9,217 or 10,937

Square footage: 405,000 over three stories

Obstructed seats: None (compared to 1,950 at Mac Court)

Estimated cost: $200 million

Scoreboard: Weighs an estimated 64,000 pounds; features four high-definition replay screens, each 20-feet by 12 feet.

Bathrooms: Nine for each gender, plus four family restrooms (compared to four bathrooms at Mac Court)

Concession stands: 15 permanent concession stands (compared to five at Mac Court)

Bowl steepness: Still "crazy" steep, as at Mac Court