Oregon unveils new commercial

The University of Oregon has unveiled a new commercial that will be appearing whenever the Ducks are playing on television.

“What we wanted to do with this the commercial was to give people a sense of what the University of Oregon is like as a place,” said Phil Weiler, the UO’s assistant vice president for strategic communications. “If they don’t have a chance to physically get here and see the beauty and meet the people and understand what a special place this is, we figure the commercial is a way to be able to do that.

The 30-second spot focuses on three students as they go about their day on campus. The idea was to use “actual students doing actual things,” Weiler said. (Meet the students.)

The commercial begins with a shot of one student waking up in his dorm room, and each of the three featured students are seen walking around campus, interspersed with shots of students in class, trail running, riding a unicycle, playing rugby, working at the Urban Farm, watching a football game at Autzen Stadium and other activities.

The new commercial replaces a commercial that was created in 2010.

Tim Christie