Graduate Profile: Sadia Ritu

HOMETOWN: Dhaka, Bangladesh

MAJOR: Business Administration

NOTABLE SCHOLARSHIPS: International Cultural Service Program (ICSP), Grace Powers Memorial Scholarship, Brooks Scholarship

THE PROFESSOR WHO INFLUENCED ME THE MOST: It is really difficult for me to name just one. I took my last business class with Doug Wilson. I learned more than I ever expected to. He is very funny so it was easy to forget how challenging the materials were. Also, Vineet Bhagwat, Ro Gutierrez and Stephen McKeon. They all taught me life lessons that are applicable beyond just the classroom.

CAREER INTERESTS: I am moving to London after graduation to start my career in the financial industry but in 20 years I see myself as a diplomat.

WHAT I DO FOR FUN: I don't get a lot of free time but I love to read and paint when I get the chance.

WHAT I LEARNED: It's impossible to solve all the problems at the same time. But it's easier to just focus on the closest one.

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT OREGON: The fireplace in the EMU and the seasonal changes on campus. Before coming to Oregon, I didn't think it was possible for leaves to turn such bright red color.

WHY I’M PROUD TO BE A DUCK: Thanks to the athletes, I never have to explain who the Ducks are anywhere in the USA.

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