Graduate profile: Biraj Bisht

HIGH SCHOOL: Budhanilkantha School 

HOMETOWN: Kathmandu, Nepal

<--break- />MAJOR: Economics, with a minor in Mathematics.

NOTABLE SCHOLARSHIPS: I’m thankful for the scholarships I have received from various departments at the UO, without which it would have been impossible to attend. The donors of these scholarships are akin to my Oregon guardian angels.

THE PROFESSOR WHO INFLUENCED ME THE MOST: This could be a long list. Ed Whitelaw, Alfredo Burlando, Glen Waddell, and Trudy Cameron influenced how I viewed economics, taught me to think critically, and ask the right questions. Louise Bishop, Steven Shankman, Esther Jacobson-Tepfer, and Mark Carey encouraged me, in their own ways, to cast my intellectual net as wide as I could. 

CAREER INTERESTS: I am interested in Development, Health and Environmental Economics and would like to pursue these topics in graduate school. I am also interested in policy analysis. This summer I will be in Uganda as a research assistant for Professor Burlando’s research on Village Savings and Loans Associations.

WHAT I DO FOR FUN: I’ve really enjoyed playing intramural soccer at UO. You meet a lot of new people who share the appreciation for soccer. I also love being outdoors and reading. The Outdoor Program is an asset to UO. 

WHAT I'VE LEARNED: The importance of finding professors who excite you and make you care – and among them, you’ll find your mentor. Your dogged commitment and the desire to learn naturally follows. 

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT OREGON, THE PLACE:  Oregon’s natural diversity is overwhelmingly awe-inspiring and it is one of the big reasons I am proud to call Oregon my second home. You don’t have to go far: The view of the sunrise is breathtaking when you stand on the biggest rock atop Spencer Butte.

WHY I’M PROUD TO BE A DUCK: I really love the professors I have had here. Their dedication and passion for teaching in a research university makes UO a special place for undergraduate education. I also love Oregon for being an opportune place to meet the most eclectic group of people.

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