Get Involved: UO offers about 300 student groups

If you’re looking for a way or a reason to get involved at the UO, you’re in luck. You can choose from among 300 student organizations at the university. And the Holden Leadership Center offers a host of Involvement Opportunities.

The body...

Duck rugby player gets tackled

If you’re looking for a way to stay more active UO Club Sports offers the opportunity to participate in everything from archery to wushu – as well as running, cycling, bowling and golf. The UO Outdoor Program organizes trips nearly every weekend to the mountains, on rivers, through forests and to the coast. 

... and the mind

Or if you’re looking to stretch your mind, the variety of opportunities is almost endless.

Do you love the cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show?  Check out Forbidden Fruit – “Eugene's only LIVE shadow cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show!” 

Is environmental racism a cause that you’d like to support?  The Coalition Against Environmental Racism (CAER) “is a student organization committed to bridging the gap between the struggle for social and environmental equality.” 

Art of involvement

Artists molds clay on potter's wheelIf you’re interested in the arts, you can connect with others through the University Theater, the UO Craft Center, the Art History Association or perhaps Ahiru Daiko, a Japanese drumming troupe.

Groups also are organized around a specific activity like the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society. Belegarth is a full contact medieval combat sport where players use foam padded weapons to duke it out Braveheart style

If you love to sing, check out Mind the Gap, UO’s co-ed a capella group.

Business and politics

Whatever cause feeds your passion, there is probably a student group organized to support it, including the  College Democrats and the College RepublicansSlavery Still Exists and Toastmasters International offer opportunities. And the International Business and Economics Club is “a group of students interested in exploring topics of international business and economics with ties to social responsibility. “


If you would like to connect with other students who share your ethnic heritage, there are groups ranging from the African Student Union to the Vietnamese Student Association, from the Black Women of Achievement to MEChA, an organization “working in solidarity to reinforce [Latino/Hispanic] cultural values and traditions, and redefine politics to meet our people’s needs.” 

-- Rita Radostitz