Campus gets spring spruce-up campus on University Day

University Day, a campus-wide beautification event that takes place each spring, brought together hundreds of students, staff and faculty on Thursday, May 12, to plant flowers, spread bark dust, and enjoy live entertainment provided by campus groups.

In 2010, 1,200 volunteers planted 4,000 flowers, spread 5,000 wheelbarrows of bark, and collected three cubic yards of trash.

The tradition dates to 1905 as part of Junior Weekend, a spirited event to prepare the university grounds for commencement ceremonies. Conceived by UO President Prince Lucien Campbell as a constructive way to channel student energies as opposed to playing "king of the mountain" on top of Villard Hall.

Though University Day has evolved since then, its roots still lie in campus spirit and community service.

University Day was revived as a spring event in 1990 by students Brian Sandy and Doug Untalan.