Alumni Profile: Ryan Knutson

AGE: 26 
HOMETOWN: Aloha, Oregon 

<--break->DEGREE: Bachelor's of science in journalism

NOTABLE SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS: Dean Rea Award in 2007. Lyle M. Nelson Award in 2006 and 2007. Twice won third place nationally in the Hearst In-Depth writing competition.
CURRENT JOB: Staff reporter at The Wall Street Journal, covering the telecommunications industry.
HOW I GOT WHERE I AM TODAY: Persistence. I busted my butt every day in college to make sure I had a portfolio of clips I was proud of. I tried to take advantage of opportunities early, and use each as a launching pad for the next. Freelancing for the Oregon Daily Emerald turned into a staff writing job there, which led me to be named editor-in-chief, which led to my first internship, which led to my next internship. I had to do three internships in a row after college — at the Wall Street Journal, Oregon Public Broadcasting and ProPublica — before getting hired at my first real job, at PBS Frontline. But I didn't give up, and kept applying. It was an editor who passed on my application three times who eventually helped me land my current gig.
An investigative series I did on fatalities in the cell tower industry published in May 2012 at ProPublica and PBS Frontline helped me land my current job at the Wall Street Journal. 
WHAT I DO FOR FUN: I play in a New York basketball league a few nights a week and explore the city on the weekends with my friends and my fiancee.
FAVORITE PROFESSOR: It's impossible to choose just one. There are many that stand out for many reasons.
WHAT I LEARNED: I learned so much at UO it's impossible to even quantify. I learned how to be a good journalist, but also a responsible person and a good friend.
I’M PROUD TO BE A DUCK BECAUSE: The UO has a unique national identity as a place that is unafraid to blaze new trails. It's known for providing not only a good education but also nourishing creativity.
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