Alumni Profile: Kaitlin Olson

HOMETOWN: Tigard, Oregon
: 1997
: Bachelor's of Science in Theater Arts.  (The department hated that I got a Bachelor of Science instead of a Bachelor of Arts. I assured them that no producer would care or even ask whether I took Math instead of French.)

CURRENT JOB: I am an actor on a television show called "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." We begin shooting our tenth season this spring.

HOW I GOT WHERE I AM TODAY: I got where I am today by recognizing my strengths, and then working extremely hard to succeed at the things that bring me the most fulfillment. And by ignoring everyone who told me my plans were most likely not possible. Belief in yourself is the only thing that matters. Belief and talent. So be self-aware enough to know if you aren't very good at the thing you want to do. Then find something else to go after. But go after something.

WHAT I DO FOR FUN: I play with my babies and my husband, cook, take weekend trips, go to lunch with friends, watch movies, drink wine. Wine is pretty fun.

WHAT I LEARNED: You don't need a degree in order to move to L.A. and try to act. But I wanted to be a college-educated woman. Lots of people can do lots of jobs but the smart ones do them well. At the University of Oregon, I had the opportunity to learn different techniques, audition, perform and compete in a supportive, encouraging environment. I had the experience of great training and feedback. That feedback built confidence. Confidence is a necessity in Los Angeles. 

I'M PROUD TO BE A DUCK BECAUSE: It's an unbelievable school on a beautiful campus, cranking out some fantastic graduates. I'm proud that my mom, dad and brother were all Ducks as well. And mostly I'm proud of those gorgeous football uniforms.
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